Holliston defeats Medway in epic Friday Night Football battle!

Holliston defeats Medway 35-34 on the road

Scoring Summary:
1st Quarter: TJ Kiley hits Joey Gentile for 8 yd TD and extra point was good, this followed a 51 yard run by Devin Harding and made it 7-0 Holliston at 7:26 left in 1st Qtr. Medway responded with an 83 yard touchdown run by QB Luke Frauton on the following drive and extra point tied it up at 7-7. End of 1st quarter, score remained 7-7. (End of 1st Qtr: Medway – 7 Holliston – 7)

2nd Quarter: Medway took the lead in the 2nd quarter with a 53 yard run by Matt Childs and extra point made it 14-7. Holliston responded with a 51 yard TD pass from TJ Kiley to Brady Sweeney. They attempted a 2 point conversion and failed to keep it a 14-13 Medway lead. At 1 minute left in the 1st half, Kiley found Brady Sweeney with a 34 yard touchdown pass to make it a 19-14 Holliston lead and a successful 2 point conversion made it 21-14 and that score would remain into the halftime break. (End of 2nd Qtr: Medway – 14 Holliston – 21)

3rd Quarter: Medway tied it up in the 3rd quarter at 21 a piece with a 50 yard Touchdown pass from Luke Frauton to Connor Kewly. Holliston responded on the following kickoff with a 93 yard TD return from Andrew Denison and led 28-21 heading into the 4th quarter. (End of 3rd Qtr: Medway – 28 Holliston – 21)

4th Quarter: Holliston re-tied the game in the 4th quarter with a 31 yard touchdown pass from Frauton to Sean Converse. Medway took the lead with 3:35 left in regulation courtesy of a 55 yard touchdown run from Matt Childs. Holliston got back on top with 23 seconds left to go, after a TJ Kiley 25 yard run, Devin Harding ran it in for a touchdown and the extra point made it 35-34 Holliston. Medway made some big offensive plays in the final drive of the game but was unable to find the endzone and the game ended in favor of Holliston 35-34. Both teams now stand at 1 and 1 on the season. (Final: Holliston – 35 @ Medway – 34).

Courtesy: Ken Dunn

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