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TVLsports.Net would like to officially welcome Centerpoint Driving Academy as a sponsor of our website. Centerpoint Driving Academy is located at 31 Granite Street, Suite 4 in Milford, MA. Looking for a driving lesson? Contact them by phone: 508-217-4447 or by email:

Centerpoint Driving Academy is happy to sponsor our website to help our mission to bring you the latest TVL sports news! Check our their story below and view them online here!

Centerpoint Driving Academy was founded by two fathers who strongly believe that teens aren’t getting enough out of Driver’s Ed. With seven children between us, we’ve served as the point men for all auto-related problems – putting air in the tires, explaining dashboard alerts, changing tires, etc. Our kids were clueless about these fundamental skills because, as they told us: “We never covered that”. It became clear to us that while Driver’s Ed programs are helping students get their license, they are not doing enough to prepare them for what happens after they have it.

At CDA, we believe that when it comes to the safety of new drivers, the bare-minimum is simply not enough Our free, one-of-a-kind LIFE SKILLS program gives students hands-on experience with important technical skills like changing a tire and checking tire air-pressure. We also give pointers on what to do if an accident occurs and how to respond if they are pulled over by an officer. In addition, we offer the choice of SUV behind-the-wheel lessons so teens can get comfortable driving the family tank.

As parents, we can’t always be a phone call away when our kids need help. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to give them the skills and confidence they need to help themselves.”

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