Watch Now: Hillers Football Gets Ready for 2021-2022 Season

Courtesy: HCAM Television (Hopkinton Local Access)

2020 was an odd year for most things and High School football in the state of Massachusetts was certainly very different for all including the Hopkinton Hillers. Last years High School Football season was a shortened season that featured no playoff games and an all Divisional schedule and it took place in March and April. Hopkinton finished last season with 2 wins and 3 losses but our looking forward to what will hopefully be a normal season starting in September.

The Hillers have a new coach this season, Mark Sanborn whos a Hiller Alum and longtime coach for other various Hiller sports including basketball, baseball and football gets his first shot at taking over as Head Coach for this years Hillers football team and he’s excited about his opportunity to coach this years group.

In the video below, we caught up with Hillers Captain Full-Back and Inside Line-Backer, Aidan Kelley and Head Coach, Mark Sanborn.

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