Messages from Dover-Sherborn A.D. Regarding Thanksgiving Football

Dover-Sherborn is hosting this year’s Thanksgiving Day football game with Medfield (Thursday at 10 a.m.).

The weather forecasters are saying this Thanksgiving may be one of the coldest on record. With that in mind, I have secured two large heat blowers that will be on both sidelines for the game. This will allow everyone on the sidelines to stay warm and a place for players to come off the field to get warm.

The Medfield team will have access to our girls locker room for pregame, halftime, and post- game if needed.

We will also have our cafeteria and bathrooms open for spectators. The cafeteria can be used as a warming station for anyone who needs to warm up. The high school gymnasium will be closed to all spectators, as our gym floor is being resurfaced beginning on Wednesday afternoon.

In addition, our Snack Shack will be open for hot chocolate.

The safety of all involved will continue to be discussed as we get closer. Please also discuss the absolute necessity of dressing appropriately with your teams. All parts of the body should be covered with the forecasted temperatures and hand warmers are a must!

Jeff Parcells
Dover-Sherborn Athletic Director

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