Medway High School Athletic Department Recognizes Spring 2024 Season Achievements

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Athletic Director Jeff Parcells and Principal John Murray are pleased to announce that Medway High School’s athletic teams recently completed a successful 2024 spring athletics season.

“I am incredibly proud of all of our teams and coaches for their outstanding achievements during the spring season,” Athletic Director Parcells said. “I would like to congratulate all of our athletes for their work towards another successful school year, and on behalf of Medway High School, I thank our community for their support.”

Record: 4-12 Tri-Valley League, 4-14 overall
TVL All-Star: Garrett O’Mara
Honorable Mention All-Stars: Jason Bedard, John Farrell, Matt Parlon, Aidan Tkowski

Boys Lacrosse
Record: 7-7 Tri-Valley League, 9-10 overall
20th in tournament ranking, competed through the Round of 32
Team Captains: Ryan Applebaum, Zach Arnpriester, Alex Dougenik, Shawn Frauton, Evan Sklar
TVL All-Star: Gavin Shipos
Honorable Mention All-Stars: Zachary Arnpriester, Justin Pillard, Evan Sklar
TVL Small Sportsmanship Award

Girls Lacrosse
Record: 3-11 Tri-Valley League, 4-16 overall
31st in Tournament Ranking, competed through the Round of 32
Team Captains: Megan Keavanay, Olivia Melanson, Ella Taylor
TVL All-Star: Olivia Melanson
Honorable Mention All-Stars: Ella Hsieh, Ella Taylor

Record: 10-5 Tri-Valley League, 13-7 overall
21st in tournament ranking, competed through the Round of 32
Team Captains: Katie Anderson, Priya Bedard, Ava Fahey, Olivia Klaus, Nina Pacella
TVL All-Stars: Katie Anderson, Priya Bedard (Co-MVP)
Honorable Mention All-Stars: Allyson Fagan, Ava Fahey, Olivia Klaus, Nina Pacella

Boys Tennis
Record: 4-7 Tri-Valley League, 9-8 overall
25th in tournament ranking, competed through the Round of 8
Team Captains: Victor Chaudoir, Alex Menard
TVL All-Star: Alex Menard, Tommy Stotz
Honorable Mention All-Star: Tommy Vallante
TVL Small Team Sportsmanship Award

Girls Tennis
Record: 6-8 Tri-Valley League, 8-11 overall
26th in tournament ranking, competed through the Round of 32
TVL All-Stars: Anna Freeman, Katie Miller

Boys Track and Field
Record: 2-3 Tri-Valley League
Eight members qualified for the MIAA Division 5 State Meet
Team Captains: Dalton Feeney, Sam Oldmixon, Keegan Shaw, Dan Smith
TVL All-Stars: Myles Hoffman, Nathaniel Hoffman, Jack Weintraub
Honorable Mention All-Stars: Dalton Feeney, Brian McGrath, Keegan Shaw, Dan Smith, Sean Souza, Luke Tunney

Girls Track and Field
Record: 4-1 Tri-Valley League
TVL Small Co-Champions
Nine athletes qualified for the MIAA Division State Meet
Five athletes qualified for MIAA Meet of Champions (All-States)
Five athletes qualified for the New England Championship
Team Captains: Jaina Campbell, Charity Johnson, Camellia Meredith, Brooke Scott
TVL All-Stars: Jaina Campbell, Charity Johnson (Division 5 State Champion in the Discus and Shot Put), Katelyn Maniero, Camellia Meredith, Brooke Scott
Honorable Mention All-Star: Cailyn DiMinico
Ultimate Frisbee

Record: 10-3 Overall
Team Captains: Logan Casasanta, Cam Condlin, T.J. Davin

Boys Track and Field team members, from left, Davis Campbell (Grade 10), Brian McGrath (Grade 12), and Chase Barucci (Grade 10) (Photo Courtesy Medway Public Schools)

The Medway High School Girls Softball team. (Photo Courtesy Medway Public Schools)

Boys Lacrosse player Alex Dougenik (Grade 12) (Photo Courtesy Medway Public Schools)

Medway High School Girls Track and Field team members (from left to right) Camellia Meredith (Grade 12), Jaina Campbell (Grade 12) and Alexandra Chleboski (Grade 10) (Photo Courtesy Medway Public Schools)

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