Hopkinton Hillers Varsity Boys Tennis 2016 Preview

Hopkinton Hillers

Article by: Tom Nappi

The Hopkinton Hillers Boys Varsity Tennis team is in the beginning weeks of their practice and ready for the season. This seasons roster is anchored by Captains Luke Whitehouse and Will Nadeau. Brothers Chris Mastroianni and Ryan Mastroianni are returnees from last year and more than likely will play in the number 1 and 2 positions for Hopkinton. Head Coach, Mike Miller said the definite decision hasn’t been made but it’s likely the 2 seniors could be slotted 1 and 2 again this season.

Courtesy: HCAM Television (Hopkinton Public Access Cable)
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This years roster includes: Avi Arora, Aamir Benicaso, Ethan Hart, Wills Howard, Andrew Keeley, Jon Keeley, Chris Mastroianni, Ryan Mastroianni, Ryan McCrory, Will Nadeau, Nalin Storm, Jason Tao, Luke Whitehouse and Andrew Xu.

View interviews with Head Coach Mike Miller and Captains Luke Whitehouse and Will Nadeau above.

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